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Verge Direct 3.0 — simplicity and reliability

Classy direct drive the modern performance

Verge Direct 3.0

Main things about Direct 3.0

This type of rotary machine is very popular and suited for tattoo artists with any experience. Direct Drive is easy to use and doesn't require specific care.

Machines are reliable and durable thereforу you can find them almost in every tattoo shop and in the hands of artists of any tattoo style.


For who?
Direct drive is the simple machine for all kinds of work. It shows its maximum effectiveness with colour packing and shading. This machine's motor is not restricted by any extra mechanisms so it easily deals with big and wide needle configurations used to make large-scale fill or thick lines.
For What

For biggest configurations of premade and cartridge needles



Stroke: 4 mm
Voltage range: 6-10 V
Setting: RCA
Type: rotary
Purpose: all-purpose
Weight: 70 g / 2,47 oz
Coating: anodizing
Основные значения
Direct Drive doesn't require difficult and specific care and oiling, but you should store and use it gently.

Do not allow high humidity and a big amount of the dust. Use barrier bags on every session. Use only soft disinfectants to clean a machine (don't allow a leakage to the machine's housing).
A small, reliable and powerful motor is installed Inside the Direct 3.0. This is an analogue of the legendary japanese Mabuchi. It allowed us to make Direct 3.0 really productive and multi-purpose, but light-weight and compact.

Comfort and productivity
for daily work

Удачное расположение всех основных узлов и баланс в развесовке



Absolutely unpretentious tattoo machine for daily work. Easy to use and care.

Simplicity and Reliablity

Because of its simple construction, Direct Drive is one of the inexpensive machines on the market with great relation of price and abilities.


Easy deals with any needle configurations and useful with all kinds of work and all styles of tattooing.


Компактный и мощный.

Compact and powerful motor

Надежный цанговый зажим

Reliable collet

New strong housing
Compact and powerful motor
Reliable collet

New strong housing

Прочный и легкий
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